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  • Why are tables and chairs not included?
    Hamer's Props & Party specializes in prop and event rentals. If you are interested in tables and chair set up please inquire about our full event planning & décor services. Or we can direct you to our preferred vendors for table and chair rentals.
  • What is a "Specialty Focal Point"?
    A Focal Point is the main concentration piece to your décor. It is typically attention grabbing and eye catching and can be seen as the statement piece of your event. Often times the focal point is a vinyl backdrop and table. Specialty Focal Points are more detailed and typically customizable by theme. Specialty Focal Points include but are not limited too (candy carts, chiara walls, custom wooded panel backdrops, flower walls, round walls, shimmer walls) and more. Specialty Focal Points require additional consultation to determine pricing.
  • What is Book The Look?
    Book The Look's are inspirational photos and are not actual photos of Hamer's Props & Party. Inspirational photos are strongly encouraged when determining your quote as it gives us a more detail and clear vision of your expectations, style and preference.
  • What is a Micro Wedding?
    Micro weddings are small intimate wedding ceremony's, typically with no more than 50 guest.
  • How long is the rental period?
    All of our rentals fees are time allocated for 12 hours max.
  • Is there a minimum head count for the Luxury Dinner Package?
    Yes, the base package is priced and includes a minimum of up to 10 guest. Additional guest determines an additional fee.
  • What is an Individual Place Setting?
    An Individual Place Setting is the arrangement for a single diner or guest. It includes but may not be limited to (Charger Plates, Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Drinkware) and more.
  • Is Food Included in The Luxury Dinner Package
    No, Food nor Drink is included in the Luxury Dinner Package. That service is the sole responsibility of the host or client booking and bears no responsibility on Hamer's Props & Property LLC or their staff. However, we have preferred caterers on our vendors list and can facilitate a consultation if you would like.
  • Is the delivery fee included in price?
    No, Once we know the location of delivery we can calculate mileage to determine the cost of delivery. Currently our delivery fee is $50 within RDU and includes delivery, assembly, and pickup. Any deliveries outside of the RDU area may be subject to additional fees.
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